Ruth Greenwood Aka Vegan Teacher

I am devoted to empowering children to give them the confidence to grow into the people they want to be, while simultaneously offering support to adults who would like to understand the little vegans in their life better.

Direct feedback shows that vegan children do not feel supported for their ethical choices and lifestyles. In fact, they are often bullied and my online presence has been one of the only sources some have been able to find where they feel safe to seek help.

As I can not be everywhere at once, my free e book ‘I Don’t Wanna Eat Animals Anymore’ is a way for vegan kids to feel supported and to share with others so that they might understand them better.

My book is sitting in many school libraries making their settings more vegan inclusive.

If you pride yourself on being an inclusive educator, whether vegan or not, vegan literature should be a staple in your library.

There is nothing that can be compared to holding a book in our hands. We can become lost in a whole new world and go on adventures we never thought possible.

That is why Ruth Greenwood Aka Vegan Teacher is dedicated to writing and illustrating children’s books. They will provide a platform for children who don’t know how to approach their choices with friends, through book sharing and gifting. The books will also inspire vegan children to become more confident and speak up for their cause, giving them ideas how to speak to adults and help defend the animals.

Mission Statement

”’To empower children to speak up for what they believe is true and right.”

Ruth Greenwood

Creativity and autonomy are key to any learning journey. Children must have access to tools and information which will empower them to release their true potential. They will be tomorrows leaders and it is my duty as a teacher to support them any way I can.

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