Mission Statement

”’To empower children to speak up for what they believe is true and right.”

Ruth Greenwood

An Early Years Educator through Russia, Spain and Morocco with experience in Egypt, Kenya and Qatar, Ruth has also been working supply in English schools as both a Teacher and Teaching Assistant with babies up to high school students. This has given Ruth a varied global perspective not many of her peers are able to share.

Ruth has seen strategy after strategy implemented to help develop schools and the outcomes of their pupils, yet she hit a wall when she asked her school to be more inclusive of vegans.

Direct feedback shows that vegan children do not feel supported for their ethical choices and lifestyles. In fact, they are often bullied and my online presence has been one of the only sources some have been able to find where they feel safe to seek help.

Ruth is devoted to empowering children to give them the confidence to grow into the people they want to be, while simultaneously offering support to adults who would like to understand the little vegans in their life better.

After discussing issues with vegan families at events, Ruth recognised a distinct feeling of a lack of support for them and began to work online through social media platforms such as You Tube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tik Tok.

Time and time again, families were venting their frustrations regarding not feeling supported, some even say bullied, in their school environment. Teachers have even confessed they daren’t tell their school they are vegan for fear of discrimination or ridicule.

”This is a brilliant book that allows children to identify similar feelings. I highly recommend this book for PSHCE in schools and to generate discussion around vegetarians and vegans. A great eye opener for everyone that reads it.” (Amazon Review)

My book ‘I Don’t Wanna Eat Animals Anymore‘ is sitting in many school libraries making their settings more vegan inclusive.

If you pride yourself on being an inclusive educator, whether vegan or not, vegan literature should be a staple in your library.

My FREE e book ‘I Don’t Wanna Eat Animals Anymore’ is a way for vegan kids to feel supported and understood. They are able to share the story with others so that they might understand them better.

Contact Ruth Greenwood

Educational Consultant and Author

Currently I am working completely on a voluntary basis. I am willing to tailor my consultancy services to your needs. Send me an e mail so that we may discuss your requirements further.

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